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1. What type of in-game items can I trade?

You can trade Game currencies, Game Items, Game Services (Power-leveling, Questing, Mini-games, Boosting,MMR, etc), Game Accounts and E-books or Guides.

2. How can I report a broken link?

Please report any broken link to or to our live-chat support.

3. How does Stashz ensure secure trades?

As a middlemen platform, safety of both parties is our top priority. StashzShield is a multi-layered anti-fraud systemthat prevents fraudulent activity on Stashz.
With this, we are able to monitor in near real-time the transaction of all trades done on Stashz.

If one member commits a fraud on Stashz or on one of the 7000 other eCommerce partners,the entire network will be notified instantly. Fraudsters will find it 
very hard to purchase anything with that card or PayPal account in the future due to a black-mark attached to your aliases.
What this means is for both buyers and sellers, Stashz got you covered in any possible scenario of the trade.

4. Can I pay a seller directly without routing the funds through Stashz?

We strongly discourage trades whereby the seller is paid directly by the buyer in order to maximize security for both parties. At Stashz, we pride ourselves
on our level of security and do our best to eradicate fraudulent trades.
If sales are made directly without us being the middleman, we will be unable to mediate between the buyer and seller if any disputes occur.Trades will be more insecure and susceptible to fraud. The trading experience for exploited buyers and sellers will be far less pleasant.
And in some cases, we may even ban sellers and buyers who make multiple direct trades. This may occur when we are convinced that such members have used direct trading to circumvent the system and commit fraud.

5. How much commission does Stashz receive?

Stashz charges a flat commission of 5% per transaction.

6. Is there any way to lower the commission charged by Stashz?

During special events, Stashz may release promotion codes. This may help to lower or even waive our 5% commission entirely.

Our 5% commission is set competitively at a rate favorable to all our users while ensuring that we have enough funds to reinvest into the platform and help make everyone’s trading experience a happy one.

7. What are the available ranks and how can I get them?

These ranks serve as perks and incentives for users to strive to achieve. Some of these ranks signify the user's reputation directly and thus, can be highly 
sought after.

The Alpha badge are given to users who joined Stashz during the Alpha stage of launch. This is a time limited edition badge and will not be given after the alpha
launch period.

The Verified Seller badge are given to sellers who have completed level 2 verification AND have proven to be a reputable member from another community.
These communities can be from, but not limited to,,, Only users with this badge can sell Runescape accounts
and it is up to the discretion of Stashz Management to award sellers with this badge.

The Marketer badge are given to sellers who have extensive advertising relationship with Stashz. 

The Level 2 Verified badge are given to users who have completed the full verification process. 

2 Factor Protected badge is given to users who have successfully activated 2FA protection on their account for greater security. To learn how you can activate
2FA, click here. (In Development)

8. How can Stashz be contacted for further enquiries?

Feel free to contact us through e-mail at or engage us through our live-chat support.

As a Buyer

1. What is verification and how do I get verified? 


Level 0

Level 1 

Level 2


$0 spending from PayPal, Credit Card/Debit Card only

$100 spending via PayPal, Credit Card/ Debit Card Per Month.

$500 spending via PaypPal, Credit Card/ Debit Card Per Month.


Create Stashz account but didn't Verify Email 

Verified Email 

 Verified Government ID

Please contact livechat support or email us at for verification procedure.

2. What are the steps of a trade transaction on the website as a buyer? 

Please refer to this guide.

3. How do I request for are fund?

Once a trade has been completed, goods or services delivered are not refundable.

4. How do I confirm receipt of an item?

Click on My Account, and then Order History under the Customer Account section. Click to view the order that you want to confirm receipt for. Once the seller 
changes the status of his order to ‘complete’, you should be able to see a section like this:

Change the status of your transaction to Approved, as in the image above, and click to submit. We will then credit your seller’s wallet with the transaction funds.

5. When will I receive my item?

The delivery times for an item differs for each seller. The seller may have listed the delivery time under the product profile. You may also contact the seller directly 
using our online chat system to find out the exact delivery time. 

6. How can I dispute a transaction?

You may raise a dispute by clicking on “Dispute” in your account management page. Do note that any evidence (Screenshot or video link) will be extremely 
helpful in the resolution of your case. Once you have filed a dispute, Stashz resolution team will look into your case and will notify you of any conclusion. 

7. When is the latest time I can confirm or deny delivery of an item? 

The latest time at which you can confirm or deny delivery of an item is within 7 days after the seller confirms delivery of a product via Stashz. After 7 days, the 
transaction will automatically be deemed complete.

8. I received a notification that the seller has confirmed delivery of an item on Stashz, but the item has not been received in my game account. What can I do?

The best thing you can do is to contact the seller to find out what is happening on his side. If you believe this is a fraud, please raise this as a dispute and our
resolution team will look into this for you. Do note that if no action was taken by you in 7 days, Stashz will close the trade and assume it is successful. 

As a Seller

1What are the steps of a trade transaction on the website as a seller?

Please refer to this guide.

2. Why can't I trade accounts?

Stashz account market is an invite-only market due to the high rate of fraudulent activity in accounts selling. All listings posted on the accounts market will be
automatically hidden and will only be shown publically once Stashz approves it. 

To get approval, you have to have a good track record of trading on other reputable marketplace or forum platform. Should you be found to be part of any 
fraudulent activity on Stashz after approval, we will post a report on the relevant platform to have actions taken against you.

If you do not have any reputation, you cannot sell accounts on Stashz. You still can purchase them from trust-worthy sellers.

3. How do I get approval to sell accounts?

To get approval, simply e-mail or contact our livechat agent. 

Do prepare the following prior to contacting us.    

        1.	Ability of PM Confirmation on relevant forum or platform    
        2.	Link to feedback/vouches on any relevant forum or platform    
        3.	Activity in Account trading (High/Moderate/Low/One-time Off)

4. Why is the amount of funds received in my PayPal account smaller than what I requested from my Stashz Wallet? 

The amount of funds reflected in the Stashz Wallet is inclusive of any fees charged by Stashz only. Stashz sends out the actual amount which you have requested 
from your Stashz Wallet. The amount you will receive in your PayPal account will reflect any additional PayPal fees. 

Item Price Stashz Wallet (5% Stashz Fees) PayPal Credit (PayPal Fees)



Exact Fees, please refer to this guide.

Example of US$50 item sold on Stashz

5. What are the fees charged by Paypal per transaction?

Fees charged by PayPal per transaction are approximately:

3.9% per transaction plus US$0.36. Depending on your location and account type, these fees may differ.

Please refer to this site for more details.

We are in the middle of negotiating for more favourable rates by PayPal, and will update you as soon as we succeed! 

6. What is the payment mode for buyer?

For our initial alpha launch, we will only accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card payment mode. 

However, we are in the midst of negotiating with G2A pay. With G2A pay, you will be able to pay us through many different payment mode ranging from Paypal, 
Bitcoin and Skrill. Check their site out for the type of payment modes available.

Buyers can be assured that their trades will be safe. This is because we will only release the funds to sellers after 7 days upon the buyer buying the product.  
If within the 7 days, you found out that you are a victim of a fraud, the funds can be refunded to you after investigation. This system works perfectly well for 
virtual assets ranging from Gold (In-game currencies) to in-game services.

For accounts trading, rest assured that all our sellers will be trust-worthy sellers who have immense reputations in other forums and marketplace platforms. 
These sellers will be banned from their respective website should they are found fraudulent to our buyers on Stashz platform. 

Last but not least as seller request withdrawal of funds via PayPal through Stashz Wallet, if sellers are found fraudulent, we will be able to open dispute with the 
seller and retrieve the funds back for buyers. 

7. What are the games that I can trade virtual assetscurrently?

Stashz currently offers all three Runescape servers for virtual assets’ trading. 

However, we will be opening more games’ options in times to come. Stay tuned! 

8. What are the payment options available when I want to withdraw funds from myStashz wallet?

We will only transfer funds to you via PayPal for withdrawals. Depending on user feedback, we are open to using other payment options in future. Thank you!

9.How do I confirm delivery of an item?

Click on My Account > My Orders (under Seller Account) > then click to view your order (the magnifying glass beside your order). 

Under the History section, you should see a Status column. Select Complete, then click ‘Add History’. The transaction should proceed once your buyer confirms 
deliver of the product on their side, or automatically after seven days, whichever is sooner.

10. I have delivered an item but my buyer has not confirmed its delivery. Can thetransaction proceed?

After you have delivered an item, but your buyer has not confirmed its delivery on Stashz, the transaction will still proceed. 7 days after you confirm its delivery, 
Stashz will deem the transaction complete and the funds will be reflected in your Stashz wallet. 

To protect yourself from fraud, do take screenshots to prove that you have delivered the item to the correct in-game name (IGN). 

11. When should I deliver the item? 

You should only deliver an item after you are able to see the order being made in your account. All orders that is visible by you have already been paid for.

12. Why can't I withdraw funds from my Stashz wallet?

Funds from the Stashz wallet can only be withdrawn in amounts greater than or equal to $20. 

13. How do I create aproduct listing?

To create a product listing, you will need to register an account with us. Upon registering an account,

Click on "My Account", from there, 

Please click "new product" under the tabs of Seller's account

While there are add-ons for new listing, it is advisable for new seller to just touch on setting on "General".

For other listing functions, please talk to our livechat agent. 

14. Why is the price ofmy product higher than what I listed it as?

PayPal charges fees for each transaction. To prevent sellers from bearing too much fees, we automatically increase the price of the product so that part of the 
transaction fees will be borne by the buyers. 

15. What is advertisement listing and how does it work on our Stashz Platform?

On the home page, if you haven’t noticed, there are three rows of promotional listings where sellers can request for promotion listings on our home page. 

According to Advertising Educational Foundation, It is said that consumers’ attention span to view online products only last 60 seconds. Even with their intentions 
to buy a certain product, if he saw a product with good pricing on a website’s homepage, he will instantly click onto the listing and buy the product. 

Therefore, requesting advertising listings with us can be beneficial to your online store in the long run. 

Our advertising slots are based on “first-come first serve basis.”

For the first month of site’s operation, we will process promotional listings for free-of-charge. 

However, we only accept a fixed quota of listings every month.

For the month of July, processing of advertising listings will start, until we populate all the listings’ quota.

Do also take note that our promotional listings will not show pricings of the products on our home page yet. Please upload images that explain the pricing of 
your products/services that accompanied with the listing. We will change this feature to detail pricing and descriptions in the next few months. 

From the month of August onwards, the application of listings will START on the FIRST DAY of the month and closes as soon as Stashz met the quota. All 
applications are prioritized according to first come first service basis and those who submitted the highest bidding with us. 

Successful applicants will be informed of their listings’ payments instructions latest by the 3rd of the month.  The listings will therefore be valid from the 3rd of the
month to the 3rd of next month before it being taken down by our Stashz admin.

Do note that on the bidding line, please fill in the amount in USD currency. 

To access the application form, please register a seller’s account with us. After you have registered with us, login and proceed to “My account page,” on the 
seller’s profile tab, click “Promote Listing” to access the form.

16. What is verification and how do I get verified as a seller? 


Level 0

Level 1 

Level 2


$0 spending from PayPal, Credit Card/Debit Card only

$100 spending via PayPal, Credit Card/ Debit Card Per Month.

$500 spending via PaypPal, Credit Card/ Debit Card Per Month.


Create Stashz account but didn't Verify Email 

Verified Email 

 Verified Government ID

Please contact livechat support or email us at for verification procedure.