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  • OSRS Billionaires

OSRS Billionaire


UltimatePRO proudly presents OSRS Billionaire: Making Bank Series guide! This guides is for the average Runescape players out there still scratching their head on what methods in-game should they use for them to achieve unlimited wealth. Methods discussed in this guide are not very well known methods and with over 29 methods in there, I am very confident you will find one that will suit your money needs

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For every method in this guide, there will be a goldfarmer assessment where it will rate each method in terms of
  • Difficulty
  • Proftiability
  • Stability
  • Danger

Thus you can use this information in helping you to decide if you can use that method for your farm for the goldfarmers out there as well! Only for a limited time, the first 100 buyers of this copy of version 2 will receieve 7 more bonus methods that are just downright unique and clever. These methods can earn you up to 4.5million GP per hour on OSRS!


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OSRS Billionaires

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